Advanced raw materials from the current knowledge of the food industry


Dietary fiber

Date fiber

Date fiber, with medium water and oil binding capacity is recommended to be used bread and crispy fry powder industries.

Carrot fiber

Rich in micronutrients, suitable to use in nutrition supplements, high water and oil binding capacity texture improver in meat product.

Wheat fiber

Bright color, high water binding capacity and a moderate oil binding capacity, suitable for dairy and meat industries.


Bread stabilizer

Improve the nutritional properties of bread, prevent staling, increase volume of final product, reduce the bread waste, reduce product costs.

Dairy industry stabilizer

Prevents ice crystals formation in frozen products, Texture Improver, Prevent syneresis in yogurt and dairy desserts

Stabilizer of meat products

Stabilizers are used to improve consistency, shelf life and quality of food products and reduce final price…

Organic oils

Other organic oils

‌ Pouya Faravaran Kamyab Co. Due to the complete equipment for extraction of all organic cosmetic oils, it is possible to produce a wide range of these oils depending on customer’s demand.

These oils have antioxidant healing properties.

Jujube oil

 Jojoba oil prepared from jojoba organica fruits for the treatment of wounds and warts, eczema and psoriasis, black eyes and hair loss.

Organic Date Seed oil

Golden yellow oil of date seed containing flavonoids and fatty acids similar to olive oil, is beneficial for skin and hair care purposes.