Organic Date Seed Oil:

This yellow-green oil is extracted from date seed and can be used in different products like:

  • Cosmetics
  • Food

Date seed constitutes approximately 10% of the date fruit weight. Date seed is generally regarded as a waste material in some date fruit processing units and may only be used as animal feed in small amount. The flesh contains little oil content (0.2-0.5%), however the seed contains 7.7-12.7% oil. The yellow-green color oil of the date seed with specific gravity of 0.9207 is comprised of 50% oleic acid, 19% linoleic acid, 10% lauric acid and 10% palmitic acid. Considering phenolic, tocopherol and sterol content, it is also a good source of natural antioxidant compounds.

1.Date seed oil can be used in:

    • Cosmetics
    • Sunburn Treatment, acne and wound treatment
    • Effect of linoleic acid, found in date seed oil, on treatment of many wounds is proved. High antioxidant compound content of the oil such as phenols and tocopherols can prevent from keratinocyte oxidative skin damage due to exposure to hydrogen peroxide.
    • Date seed oil contains vitamin E and helps treat skin wrinkle
    • Linoleic acid deficiency, which is naturally not synthesized in human body, results in dry skin, flaky nails, hair fall and loss of intercellular moisture.
    • Treatment of Hair Fall, Dry Skin and Flaky Nail

2.Applications in Food Industry:

  • Unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid dominantly present in date seed oil can be regarded as dietary oil. It is used in production of margarine, salad oil and frying oil. The oil is highly resistant to oxidation and therefore can be stored for relatively longer times.
  • An advantage of date seed oil is lack of cholesterol. Making it a good choice for people suffering from coronary heart diseases and high blood cholesterol.

3.Application in UV-protection products:

  • Date seed oil provides a good protection against UV-C (100-290 nm) and UV-B (290-320 nm). Thus, it can be used as an ingredient in lotions and skin protection creams.