Enriched Bread

Bread, enriched with date seed powder, contents high amount of dietary fiber, micronutrients and natural antioxidants. The bread, due to its fiber content, reduces blood cholesterol and pressure and helps one to lose weight. Moreover, date seed bread if beneficial in treatment and control of digestive system disorders, obesity and diabetes.

Herbal Tea

Date seed coffee is an Iranian traditional herbal tea with functional properties such as blood sugar and cholesterol control. High soluble fiber content of this Flavinea tisane, providing a convenient medium for microorganisms’ growth, helps healthy digestive system. Moreover, minerals and antioxidant compounds present in the bread prevent gastrointestinal cancer, boost immune system and balance blood sugar.

Organic Oils

Golden yellow oil of date seed containing flavonoids and fatty acids similar to olive oil, is beneficial for hair care purposes. It can be used in production of variety of products:

  • Production of cosmetics
  • Production of foods
  • Production of UV protection products

Functional Ingredients:


Food stabilizers are generally used to increase product consistency, viscosity, stability and quality and reduce final product price. Such additives improve and preserve the structure of food items. Depending on the property of the food which is to be modified, certain stabilizers are recommended.

Dietary fibers

Fiber is the major constituent of plant cell walls. They are not digested by human body enzymes; thus they pass through digestive system without any alteration. Absorbing water and fat, and therefore optimizing food product texture and lowering formulation costs, fibers possess vast variety of technological applications in food industry. They cause faeces volume to expand and defecation to ease, as well as playing a notable role in controlling cholesterol, diabetes and body weight. Different fibers are largely used in foods and nutritional supplements to treat many gastrointestinal disorders. Agricultural wastes such as carrot, apple and beet pomace and wheat bran are the main sources of dietary fiber production. Inexpensive date fruit waste, which is a rich source of high quality dietary fiber, is widely available in Iran.

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