Food stabilizers are generally used to increase product consistency, viscosity, stability and quality and reduce final product price. Such additives improve and preserve the structure of food items. Depending on the property of the food which is to be modified, certain stabilizers are recommended.

Stabilizers are an indispensable substance in food items that categorized as food additives. When added to the food items, they smoothen the texture of the food & give a definite body to the food. Food stabilizers are added in relatively small amount which aggravate the effect of emulsifiers. They give a uniform nature to the product & hold the flavoring compounds in dispersion. Perfect binders for the varied conflicting components, food stabilizers are a must. hydrocolloids are the most common compounds used as stabilizers

Meat Stabilizer:

Texture improver, increasing the moisture content, prevent sinersys after baking, increasing the cutting ability and Reduce Product costs.

Dairy products Stabilizer:

Prevent ice crystals formation in frozen products, Texture Improver, Prevent syneresis in yogurt and dairy desserts

Bakery Stabilizer:

Improve the nutritional properties of bread, prevent staling, increase volume of final product, Reduce the bread waste, Reduce Product costs